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In February 2013, the Rev. Aaron Miller was installed as the settled/permanent Pastor of MCC Hartford after serving 15 months as its Interim Pastor.

Rev. Aaron earned a Master of Divinity degree from Yale Divinity School and is ordained by the Metropolitan Community Churches (MCC).  He has been appointed by the denomination's senior leadership to the MCC Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Council "Trans/Gender Nonconforming People."

Rev. Aaron is also a chaplain at Yale New Haven Hospital, serves on the Board of Directors for the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice CT, is a member of the Connecticut Clergy for Full Equality (an interfaith collaboration of progressive faith leaders throughout the state), and offers diversity workshops and training regarding gender identity/expression in settings such as churches, hospitals, healthcare facilities, and universities/colleges. 

Rev. Aaron is a political activist who is dedicated to working for the advancement of LGBTQI justice and equality.  As a transgender clergy person, he is passionately committed to human and civil rights and creating safe and welcoming spaces in our faith communities for all people. 

Rev. Aaron and the entire MCC Hartford congregation invite you to join us Sunday mornings at 10am for worship followed by fellowship.  And, be sure to check the calendar on this website under "What's Happening" and consider joining us at other fun or educational events throughout the weeks.  All are welcome!

Until we meet (again), may God's unconditional love and abundant grace bless you and yours...always and in all ways.


Pastor’s reflection September 2018: 
As the seasons change, summer becomes cherished memories and hope abounds as we turn toward fall and begin a new season.
We are mindful that everything has a season.  Just as Jesus began and ended his public ministry with Baptism and then Transfiguration, we know that God starts new seasons in our lives, too.  What will the autumn bring?  God only knows (smile)! 
As we celebrate Labor Day and the ‘official’ kickoff to fall, may we take a moment to REST from our labor (especially those who are weary) so that we are renewed, refreshed, and ready for this glorious new season. 
May our autumn be blessed and may we continue to take moments of rest as we see what God is doing with, in, and through us in this new season.  And, may hope, joy, and love abound in it all!!  Blessings to you all, in every season… Pastor Aaron


Pastor’s reflection August 2018: 
As we begin the last full month of summer, we are reminded that Jesus intentionally stopped and rested; enjoyed time with the disciples, did some self care and spent quiet time alone with God in prayer. 
Often summer is a time we ‘overbook’ to squeeze in all the picnics, vacations, cookouts, and parties we can before the seasons change again.  Yet, Jesus models a balance between serving and self care while also enjoying his personal relationships---those with whom he traveled and loved.  Might we follow this example?  Can we, amidst the flurry of summer activities and the stresses and demands of daily life, catch our breath, rest, enjoy our relationships, and spend some time with God in prayer?
The crowds closed in on Jesus and the disciples (everywhere they went) and yet they still managed to enjoy restful times and meals together. Jesus seems to value relationships highly, even enjoying a fish fry on the beach with his disciples after resurrection as if to say “the party must go on and so must you, together.” 

May we follow Jesus during this wonderful summer time of parties, relationships, and prayer.  And, may there be many fish fries along the way!  Happy summer!!   Pastor Aaron

Pastor’s reflection: 
          It seems we are (finally!) beginning to feel the warmth and sunshine of spring.  This has been a long winter that can often feel like we are wandering in the wilderness; without an end in sight.  So, it was quite welcome to read the scripture on the Sunday before the month of May began (John 15:1-8)---about the vine grower and the vine (an analogy to God and Jesus) who give us what we need to live and to grow as branches so that we may flourish and be fruitful. 
          Spring reminds us though life may be cold and challenging with the sky overcast--- warmth and renewal is just around the corner.  Knowing this, hope springs eternal as we remember that life, with God, is filled with possibility.  What nourishes, nurtures, and sustains us is that which the vine grower provides through the vine to the branches…sap.  It is what we all share in common and it is what we most need.  It is life giving and life sustaining and it holds within it the promise of life eternal.  And, this ‘sap’ does not stop with us----it flows through us to others.  This sap is LOVE.  And, love has the power (beyond sustaining life) to heal, transform, and to liberate…miracles that happen every day to each of us; even on a cold and overcast day...
          So, let us flourish.  Let us bear much fruit.  And, let us never miss an opportunity to be a ‘sap’ for every season.  Amen!
 Many blessings, my fellow branches, enjoy spring!,  Pastor Aaron 


MCC is a compassionate community of faith, and a spiritual home where all people can experience the liberating love of God.