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MCC Hartford – AUGUST Calendar of Events

Sunday August 13 – Birthday Pot luck and Board Meeting  Bring a dish to share (if you can) as we celebrate the August birthdays.  And, all are welcome at the Board Meeting that follows, held from noon-1pm.
Sunday August 20  Join us for a church picnic after worship service – at Clyde and Scott’s.  Side dishes and desserts are welcome while the grill gets working!  Join us for a time of fellowship.  All are welcome!
Monday August 28   McKinney Shelter Dinner, a time each month we help feed the homeless as God’s ‘hands and feet’ in our community as we serve our hungry neighbors.
Wednesdays Radical Bible Study: On summer break.
Earth Day Corner  Check out the credenza as you enter the church--for ways to make Earth Day every day.  And, if you have information, action tips or ways to get involved and make a difference…please add to the ‘corner’ because we are in this together!!
Food for the body, love for the soul: We are collecting PASTA & SAUCE during the month of August--to support the Hands on Hartford Food Pantry. Remember, all non-perishable food is welcome!  Thank you for helping to feed those who are hungry and extending our communion table to the homes of those in need.
Suggestions/Comments Box  Do you have a suggestion or a comment—about the church, worship service, etc?  We welcome your feedback!  All notes can be placed in the red lockbox (found on the credenza as you enter the church) and each submission will be reviewed by the Board of Directors.  Thank you!

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Pastor’s reflection: 
As we head into the hottest month of the year and the summer harvest begins to ripen, we become even more mindful of God’s wonderful ongoing creation.  In the passage (Mt 13:24-30) Jesus tells the parable of the wheat and weed and how the field workers wanted to ‘pluck up’ the weeds that were growing among the wheat plants.  The landowner (God) said to let the wheat and weed grow together for the plants were indistinguishable until the time of harvest and it would therefore be easy (by mistake) to pluck wheat along with the weed.  At harvest time, the seeds of each plant grew to be visually quite different – the (good) wheat seed was larger than the weed’s seed which was much smaller and innately poisonous. 
In these times, when there is such division in our country and even our places of worship, it is easy to fall into seeing others as either/or—wheat or weed.  The parable makes it clear that to God we are all seen in the same way---deserving of cultivation and intended to grow together.  We are not to judge or to pluck for we will surely make mistakes.  And, in truth, we each hold the potential to be both wheat and weed.  This parable offers us a chance to self-reflect, asking ourselves…does my life reflect more wheat or weed?  And, will I choose to cultivate with love-- the wheat in others, rather than to judge others as weeds to be ‘weeded out?’  Will we heed God’s guidance and choose to grow together?
My prayer is that we choose just that -- to be ‘plucky’ rather than to pluck---as we help God produce, cultivated with love, a good and beautiful harvest this year and all the years to come.   Amen.   Pastor Aaron 

 * * * * * * * * *

Please email your prayer requests to the office or to the pastor ( or If you wish to speak with the pastor directly, please call 203-209-1504.



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