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Sunday May 27—2 things! 
1.    Graduation Celebration for G. V. Basbas:  Our clergy intern is receiving his Master of Divinity Degree and hope you will join us as we help him celebrate this wonderful accomplishment.
2.    Internship Committee meeting 12-1pm follows fellowship  (date changed from 3rd Sunday).
Wednesdays Radical Bible Study: 11am-noon.  All are welcome!
 Food for the body, love for the soul:  We are collecting CANNED VEGETABLES during the month of May --to support the Hands on Hartford Food Pantry. Remember, all non-perishable food is welcome!  Thank you for helping to feed those who are hungry and extending our communion table to the homes of those in need.

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Pastor’s reflection: 

          It seems we are (finally!) beginning to feel the warmth and sunshine of spring.  This has been a long winter that can often feel like we are wandering in the wilderness; without an end in sight.  So, it was quite welcome to read the scripture on the Sunday before the month of May began (John 15:1-8)---about the vine grower and the vine (an analogy to God and Jesus) who give us what we need to live and to grow as branches so that we may flourish and be fruitful. 
          Spring reminds us though life may be cold and challenging with the sky overcast--- warmth and renewal is just around the corner.  Knowing this, hope springs eternal as we remember that life, with God, is filled with possibility.  What nourishes, nurtures, and sustains us is that which the vine grower provides through the vine to the branches…sap.  It is what we all share in common and it is what we most need.  It is life giving and life sustaining and it holds within it the promise of life eternal.  And, this ‘sap’ does not stop with us----it flows through us to others.  This sap is LOVE.  And, love has the power (beyond sustaining life) to heal, transform, and to liberate…miracles that happen every day to each of us; even on a cold and overcast day...
          So, let us flourish.  Let us bear much fruit.  And, let us never miss an opportunity to be a ‘sap’ for every season.  Amen!
 Many blessings, my fellow branches, enjoy spring!,  Pastor Aaron 


 * * * * * * * * *

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